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Audi Shows Style and Future

Why Audi shows style? Together with Porsche they combine simple aesthetics with hightest technical precision since decades. The pure tech focused style makes it classic and futuristic at the same time. Several movies, epic Holywood science fictions picked Audi representing future mobility tech. The official site Audi.com: Want to experience some moments with Will Smith? At the bottom ⇣. The legend began with the Audi Quattro, an all-wheel sportscar for everyday. And Walter Röhrl won and won and won ralleys, races. Today cars express style, nearly a fashion accessoires of its own. The TT is one of the most powerful and versatile driving handbags.


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Celeb vehicles with style

Watching movies? Remember Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde? Her TT was a perfect fit for moving to another place, right;)? | Tony Stark didn´t build his own car but choose a R8 and several Audis to perfectly blend in. | Obviously Marvel likes the stylish German car maker as we can see a lot of models and types on and on again: Hero features! | Spiderman of course love AIaudi to win his drivers license. | Oh wow! Civil War with Audi´s armada. | Jason´s Transporter action is based on the A8 Landrover needed to cheat to "beat" an Audi as 007 was in the wrong car, right or wrong? | Maybe Spiderman beats Superman because S doesn´t need cars, like e-tron. Do you know more super Audis in movies and in hands of celebs?

Modern autos with style for life and future

Let´s see how future meets style in the automobile industry: Audi wasn´t Audi from the beginning. It´s an super brand out of former companies and brands. Mr. Horch obviously was a visionary. Today Horch became the upper luxury class inner brand of Audi as a trubute to the founder and as a counterpart to Mercedes-Benz Maybach class. DKW shows style with the Monza in the 50s of the last century. Today´s TT is linked to this great looking grandfather. The DKW coupe is, in essence, a capricious near-classic which severely lacks grunt but oozes charm. A sharp contrast: The latest TTS, sure-footed and viceless. It’s fast, has a five-star cabin and does many things right, but for some it loses out in the emotion stakes. A car that competent should generate more fire instead of devoting Aud’s brand motto ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ (progress through innovation) to the current doctrine of cold perfection.

The beauty of Audis in own words

Shaping the future of premium mobility

Together we will create the future of premium mobility. Reasonable, meaningful, and focused on people´s needs. The complementarity of sustainability and digitalization will produce amazing opportunities and start a new era of mobility. We will make the difference by the way our products look like, work and feel. By progress you can feel.


For Audi, sustainability is about having a value-oriented responsibility to the future. About a balance between economics, ecology and society. It means looking at the big picture. Being transparent and acting with integrity are as much a part of this as taking a long-term and consistent view of things. For Audi, the future is an attitude: it’s about taking moral responsibility and leading by example.


Design is about more than giving a shape to cars. It is part of a greater, more powerful idea. It is about people and their passions. Audi is pushing the boundaries of the familiar design categories. Lighting, exterior and vehicle design are raised to new levels of inspiration and perfection. It demonstrates the power of stunning aesthetic innovation. Where others offer pure functionality, Audi offers customers deep emotional impressions with fascinating details and a visionary touch.


For us, digitalisation means making life easier and more convenient with the aid of digital formats. One of the main tasks here is to interconnect various formats and services in a meaningful and seamless way. Our aim is to make the multitude of information from today’s digital world useful for customers and to integrate it fluently and almost imperceptibly into their environment and daily lives. For us, ‘Vorsprung’ also means doing this with the greatest possible degree of individualisation and personalisation.


Performance is an integral part of Audi’s progressive attitude. It is deeply rooted in our DNA. Perfectionism in the development of high-performance vehicles and a responsible handling of performance, power and speed also play a significant role. We set no limits on precision, efficiency, superior power and elegant design. For us, the will to constantly produce better performance and to drive developments forward is paramount. Audis are stylish autos for life and future.

Audi show in news & media

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